Possibly a Union Civil War soldier, you decide for yourself.

Captured on our Haunted Depot Tour by Debbie Arnold in 2016.

Look closely, there is a long white streak going upwards down near the cart
at the end of the Depot. Also looks like 2 figures down there one near
the light, and the other up on the cart!

Captured on our Haunted Depot Tour Saturday evening, October 26th
by Mike and and Lori Hamilton.

There appears to be a lady dressed in 1930's - 1940's clothes to the left
of the column down the tracks. There was no one standing there when
the photo was taken. Black Shoes, white stockings, white
toboggan and gloves, and a black coat.

Captured on our Haunted Depot Tour Sunday evening, October 27th by Lauren Freeman.

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